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We understand how important personal data has become for tailoring your offering to individual needs and acquiring new clients. The VETRI data marketplace allows you to purchase highly relevant data directly from individuals - fully transparent, compliant, and secure.

Verified Respondents

VETRI ensures maximal authenticity of the provided data by verifying each individual’s identity. This eliminates fabricated or duplicate profiles and guarantees that you are working with a trusted and reliable pool of users.

Mobile Only

Mobile Only content should read: We offer users a freely accessible mobile interface where they can fill out surveys comfortably. This is in line with the shift to mobile first and the trend towards more flexible and shorter surveys.

Fair Data Exchange

Our platform is run by the VETRI Foundation (non-profit), this makes it possible to provide a fair exchange of data where we do not act as an intermediary, nor do we charge fees or commissions.

Transparent & Compliant

By using VETRI, you purchase data directly from individuals - fully compliant with GDPR. Hence data does not flow through 3rd party servers when being transfered, instead it sent to your company’s servers directly from users’ devices.

Precise Targeting

Within VETRI, you create and send customized surveys that target individuals based on multiple attributes. Hence, there is no guessing/assuming people’s characteristics based on their behavior, but instead it is based on DATA.

Private & Secure

Data privacy is increasingly important for businesses and their reputation - therefore, user data is fully anonymized when shared with you. Further, VETRI employs encryption technology for safe and trusted data exchange.

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Mar 11, 2019
What is the value of data privacy?
This is a guest commentary by Dr. Nico Ebert from ZHAW School of Management and Law. The article was originally published in German on Privacy Bits.
Feb 28, 2019
Community AMA with Daniel Gasteiger
Daniel Gasteiger joined us on Telegram to answer the community's questions about the upcoming MVP release.
Feb 26, 2019
February community update
We are happy to share with you the release schedule for the VETRI MVP. Don't miss your chance to ask any questions you may have in our AMA on Thursday.
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